Production company

The company that is manufacturing the bags of 10TIEN is a great family business. The father studied in Israel and returned afterwards to Ethiopia to establish his own leather manufacturing company. His three children are now working at the company and each have their own task and specialism. One son is occupied with marketing, the other son with sales and the daughter is drawing patterns and manufacturing the products. The father is a real veteran in his profession; he is excellent at what he is doing and is very critical. The son told me that an obese man once visited the shop and wanted to buy a leather coat. The father did not sell the coat to him: “I manufacture the products with love and passion. The product has to fit you like a glove otherwise it isn’t made for you”.

As good as possible for everybody

The manufacturer behind 10TIEN has everything neatly organized with separate rooms to draw patterns, manufacture the products, digitally store everything and a storage room. LIDI is located in Ethiopia and a learning tool from the government. LIDI ensures that the leather industry is gaining momentum and provides support to companies who need it. LIDI has modern equipment and is developing continuously in order to compete with other countries. The manufacturer behind 10TIEN has asked them for support. Great to see how they want to do everything as good as possible for everybody.