Both the bags and the leather from 10TIEN are from Ethiopia. Ethiopia is among the top ten of the world’s largest livestock and have beautiful leather. Addis Ababa is situated at 2355 meters altitude, making animals suffer less from insects. The skin thus remains undamaged.

The best for the customer and nature

To date, we produce with EU certified chemicals. We are currently working on a process to tan leather without chemicals and chromium, but the quality is not good enough yet. As soon as possible though, we will use this technique. 10TIEN always wants the best for the customer and nature, but the quality is of paramount importance.

constant quality

10TIEN works with high quality cowhide. The quality is based on the thickness and strength of the skin, damages, and how the leather is dyed. The leather is only suitable for 10TIEN when we are satisfied with all these four aspects. An independent person checks the leather, so we always deliver a consistent, high quality.

Below you will find a video of 10TIEN visiting several tanneries in Ethiopia.