Hi, I am Martina Braas, the designer behind 10TiEN.  My friends call me Tien (Dutch for 10), which is where my label comes from.  I have a passion for beautiful things and for producing them in a way that can help the world.

I studied at the Nimeto in Utrecht and followed an internship as a couturier before deciding to learn about leather rather than stay in fabric.  I do not always like the kinds of bags available to women and thought I could make the perfect bag for myself and others.  I founded Pigskin when I was 21 years old and made leather bags tailored to the needs of my customers.  As demand has grown, I began to source material and production from partners in Ethiopia, going there for the first time with my father in 2015, the same year 10TIEN was officially born.

To read more about the adventure in Ethiopia and how plan to help our partners there, click here.

I always love to hear from my clients, so please contact me or visit my atelier in Amsterdam.

Have a great day,


To read more about the adventure in Ethiopia click hier