Care instructions

How do you keep your 10TIEN bag in top condition?

  • Never put your bag near a warm heater; this will dry your 10TIEN bag out.
  • Don’t expose your bag fully to the sun in the summer, this can discolour the leather. It is a natural product.
  • Grease your 10TIEN bag every 2-4 weeks with a cream. This will keep the leather soft and protect it against the rain. Note! Always test the product at the bottom of the bag first before treating the entire bag.
  • Avoid heavy rain, the leather is never 100% waterproof. Too much water causes stains in the leather, leather is a natural product and absorbs water.
  • Do you have stains in your leather from a pen or something that was leaking in your bag? Try to carefully dab it away with baby shampoo or green soap. Don’t rub too much, this will only make the stain bigger. Let the bag dry naturally. Don’t speed up the drying process with a hair dryer or other hot appliances.

Be careful wearing new clothes, dark leather could stain.