Functionality 10TIEN bags

The bag can be transformed from a handbag to a shoulder bag by opening the snap buttons which make the handle longer. By snapping the push buttons, you can adjust the look again to a handbag. This way you always have an appropriate style for every occasion. Whether going to work or having dinner afterwards, 10TIEN’s bags can be changed along with you.

On the side of 10TIEN’s bags you will find 2 rings to attach a shoulder strap so you can carry your bag on your back/hip. This is very convenient when you are out and about or want to go shopping and keep your hands free.

10TIEN’s bags are provided with a divider to keep the bag organized and store things such as an iPad, notebook, make-up etc.

The divider can also be zipped out of the bag. In cases where you want to take a lot of things with you and the divider is in the way, you can easily zip it out and create space in your bag. Super handy when you have to carry more things than expected.

In the bag, you will find eyelets that will let you hang accessories and organize your bag so you can easily find what you need. With the handy key cord, it is no longer needed to search for your keys on the bottom of your bag. And you can easily transfer things from one 10TIEN bag to the other.

To date we are offering 3 accessories: a key cord for your keys, a coin purse for your cards and money, and a mirror for all the women who want to check their hair and make-up.