‘Hey, hello! I am Jalenen. You can also call me Practical.

I can fit an A4 paper and a tablet, and am multifunctional as well.

Whether you want to take me along on the bike, in the car or train, or need me during a chic dinner or great party.

I will fully adjust myself to you.’


‘Hi, my name is Kayla. I am certainly not too big, but not too small either.

I am the ideal medium size. In every situation practical and nice.

Just like Jalenen you can carry me in different ways: over your shoulder, in your hand or at your arm.

With leather accessories, you can organize me however you want.’


‘Hi, I would like to introduce myself to you. I am Lielit.

With a little imagination, you can read ‘little’ and that’s right, because I am small and really nice.

This makes me organized as well. But don’t put too much in me, as this is giving me a bloated feeling.

Quick and easy, that is what I like and I will let you experience that convenience as well.’


‘My name is Fannah, hi. I am fan(nah) of going out. You too? Great, then we form a perfect couple.

Take me anywhere and I promise that you will not be bothered by me.

I can hang on your wrist or shoulder and will take good care of your prized possessions.’


‘Hi, I am Binta. I am a reliable and closed type.

I like to do my best for you and won’t let you down. I am closing myself with a zipper, so I can take good care of your cards and money.

By the way you can also connect me to Jalenen and Kayla; thanks to a key cord we are inseparable’

Accessoire Mirror

‘I don’t like to mirror myself to somebody else, but I really am one of the nicest accessories you can hang in your bag.

Handy as well, because you can easily click me out if you want to know how you look.

I will always accompany you!’

Accessoire Coinpurse

‘Quickly running errands and don’t feel to carry a large bag?

Click me out of your bag and take me with you.

I am smaller than a purse, so less prominent and fit well in your pocket.

Easy and safe.’

Accessoire Keycord

‘I am extremely handy for connecting a key chain or small purse.

I make sure you no longer have to search in your bag for your key chain and it is very easy to click me in and out of your bag.

You can order me in different colours, handy if you have multiple key chains!’


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